This is not just a natural disaster. Hundreds of lives have been lost due to negligence of those responsible for the infrastructure and security of the people. If you do not have funds or clothes etc, please help us contact places to donate bulk Wellington boots, raincoats etc to be delivered to Acklam Village. If you do not live in London, round up your people to gather items from this list and please drive down to bring it to us in West London.

We really appreciate all the efforts people went to for our neighbours from Grenfell, please show the same energy for our family in Freetown. Over 600 people have died tragically and thousands are homeless and having to find their deceased family members and neighbours in the mud and bury them.

If you would like to donate, the account details are Erase Foundation (1126853) Acc No: 000-200-12 Sort code- 40-52-40 Reference: Sierra Leone Anyone who has contacts with people who would want to support the long term infrastructure development in Sierra Leone as Sierra Leoneans have lived through too much(!) death and foreigners exploiting them and their natural resources, please let me know to pass on to serious people building on the ground doing the grassroots work

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