Natty's Releases

Below are the releases made by Natty, with the playlists of each album/ep/single. You can view more information of each release by clicking on the album artwork and can purchase each of them in the Natty shop.

Release The Fear

natty release the fear

This playlist does not exist or is empty.

Out Of Fire

natty out of fire



Man Like I


Natty is not just a reggae musician, he’s the best new artist with a record out today…Malcolm McKenzie
African-folk with a retro pop & reggae twinge carries the poetic lyrics behind his songs…Daily Star
Clearly a savvy music-maker with poetic lyricism tackling gritty street matters, an emphasis on acoustic strumming coupled with reggae and even hints of funkMetro (London)
He Impressively addresses real issues with a soulful, acoustic vibe and his beats are sunny enough to squeeze out preachiness, instead illuminating the joy inside bleak situationsEvening Standard